Über das Zerplatzen des Urankernes durch langsame Neutronen, Offprint from Abhandlungen der Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1939 (VERY GOOD CONDITION)

Berlin: Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1939. 1st Edition. VERY GOOD CONDITION FIRST EDITION IN ORIGINAL WRAPS OF THE OFFPRINT of the first of Hahn and Strassmann's "three fundamental papers on nuclear fission," work which, when confirmed, demonstrated the previously unknown phenomenon of nuclear fission (Dibner, Heralds of Science, 168). (NOTE: We separately offer another copy of this in near fine condition).

"Über das Zerplatzen" constitutes the "first comprehensive account of the phenomenon of nuclear fission. In 1938, the radiochemist, Otto Hahn and the nuclear chemist Fritz Strassmann demonstrated the presence of radioactive barium, lanthanum and cesium among the products of neutron bombardment of uranium-a phenomenon that seemed to contradict all previous experiences of nuclear physics" (Norman).

This paper "indicated fission of the uranium nucleus into two parts of about equal size with the release of much energy [in fact a tremendous jump over the energy produced in all previous transmutation reactions" (Dibner). Hahn and Strassmann's findings resulted from irradiation of uranium by neutrons produced by exposing beryllium to the alpha particles from radium; their discovery was made by recognizing the nature of the radioactive products from the fission reactions.

Hahn received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1944; Hahn, Meitner and Strassmann, the Fermi award in 1966. References: Dibner, Heralds of Science 168; Norman 163. Item #1333

CONDITION & DETAILS: Berlin: Verlag der Akademie der Wissenshaften. Quarto (11.5 x 8.25 inches; 288 x 206mm). 20pp. Four figures. Offprint in original printed wraps. somewhat faded, more so on a tiny strip around the edges, and with a larger triangle-shaped faded area on the upper right corner of the front wrapper. There is also a tiny chip missing in the corner of the rear wrapper. Internally the offprint is fine and clean.

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