Ultraviolet Behavior of Non-Abelian Gauge Theory in Physical Review Letters 30, Issue 26, 25 June 1973, pp. 1343-1346 (Gross, Wilczek) WITHBOUND Reliable Perturbative Results for Strong Interactions? pp. 1346-1349 in Physical Review Letters, Vol. 30, Issue 26, 25 June 1973 [IN ORIGINAL WRAPPERS]

New York: American Physical Society, 1973. 1st Edition. IN ORIGINAL WRAPPERS, 1st EDITION OF THE 1973 DISCOVERY OF ASYMPTOTIC FREEDOM, the nature of the strong force that binds quarks together in the nucleus. David Gross and Frank Wilczek (working together) and David Politzer (working independently) were the first to understand the importance of these strong interactions and their discovery led to their 2004 Nobel Prize in Physics. Asymptotic freedom holds that "the closer quarks are to each other, the less the strong interaction (or color charge) between them; when quarks are in extreme proximity, the nuclear force between them is so weak that they behave almost as free particles" (Wikipedia). This unusual characteristic allows quarks to be bound arbitrarily close together without the attractive force becoming too large. "Asymptotic freedom means that in very high energy reactions and thus at very short distances the interaction between quarks and gluons becomes very weak. QCD is able to predict this behavior" (Vayenas, Gravity, Special Relativity and the Strong Force, 28). We also offer this in a bound, full volume. Item #1342

CONDITION & DETAILS: New York: American Physical Society. (10.5 x 8 inches; 262 x 200mm). Near fine condition save for a small, quite light spot between "Physical" and "Review" on the front wrap. The images make it look as if the edges are quite faded and they are not -- it's just a product of the lighting. Bright and clean throughout.

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