Remarks on Super-Novae and Cosmic Rays (Zwicky and Baade, pp. 76-77) + The Magnetic Moment of the Proton (Rabi, Kellogg, Zacharias, pp. 157-161) + The Magnetic Moment of the Deuton (Rabi, Kellogg, Zacharias pp. 163–165) + Measurement of Nuclear Spin by the Method of Nuclear Beams (Rabi and Cohen pp. 707–712) + Note on an approximation treatment for many-electron systems (Møller and Plesset pp. 618-622) + Collision of Two Light Quanta (Breit and Wheeler, pp. 1087-1089) in Physical Review 46, 1934. [SUPERNOVAE & TURNING LIGHT INTO MATTER]

Lancaster: American Physical Society, 1934. 1st Edition. FIRST EDITION, full volume. Included: Zwicky and Baade's explanation of their findings regarding supernovae, including the number and distribution of supernovae, the supernova process yielding neutron stars and cosmic rays from supernovae.

Also included is a paper by Breit and Wheeler which is the first attempt to turn light into matter, something known to be theoretically possible. “The Breit–Wheeler process or Breit–Wheeler pair production is a physical process in which a positron–electron pair is created from the collision of two photons. It is the simplest mechanism by which pure light can be potentially transformed into matter. In their paper, Breit and Wheeler proposed that, if you smashed two photons - particles of light - together, the collision would result in a positron and an electron. You would have created matter out of light. It's not an easy thing to do. In fact, Breit and Wheeler thought it would be impossible, noting that it would be "hopeless to try to observe the pair formation in laboratory experiments" (Wikipedia).

As well there are a number of papers by Rabi, Kellogg, Zacharias as well as one of note by Møller and Plesset. Item #1345

CONDITION & DETAILS: Lancaster: American Institute of Physics. 4to (10.25 x 8 inches; 256 x 200mm). Entire volume. Pp. 1-1130. Glauber paper: pp.2529-2538. Ex-libris with minimal markings (pictorial plate on paste down and no spine markings whatsoever). Illustration: In-text figures throughout. Exterior: Bound in gold buckram with a gilt-lettered spine. Tight, solid, no scuffing, clean. The interior is bright and very clean throughout. Near fine condition.

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