Zur Gravitationstheorie in Annalen der Physik, 54, 1917

Leipzig: Barth, 1917. 1st Edition. FIRST PRINTED APPEARANCE OF WEYL’S 1st PAPER ON GRAVITATION & EINSTEIN’S THEORY OF RELATIVITY. Note that the original front wrap for each issue included here is bound in the rear of the volume.

“In the summer of 1917 Weyl gave a course on general relativity… and published his first contribution on the subject [the paper offered here]. Beside other points [Weyl’s paper] contains a new exact (axial symmetric) solution of the Einstein equations and a correct interpretation of invariance principles of relativity which had been hinted at by Hilbert (1915) but given a rather misleading physical interpretation” (Scholz, Hermann Weyl’s Contribution to Geometry, 1917–1923, January 1994).

Weyl’s course/lecture was the first of a series of three he gave on general relativity, lectures that then became the basis of his famous book Raum-Zeit-Materie (Space-Time-Matter) of 1918. Weyl’s work includes “an exposition and examination of Einstein's general theory of relativity and the concomitant theory of gravitation. A detailed investigation follows devoted to gravitational waves, a rigorous solution of the problem of one body, laws of conservation, and the energy of gravitation” (Stanford Dictionary of Philosophy). The Dictionary of Scientific Biography notes that Weyl’s work played "an important role in the development of mathematical physics" (DSB XIV, p. 281). "Whatever the future may bring, Professor Weyl's book [Raum-Zeit-Materie, represented here as the first of his three lectures] will remain a classic of physics" (British Journal for Philosophy and Science”).

Hermann Klaus Hugo Weyl (1885-1955) was a German mathematician, theoretical physicist, and philosopher. “His work had a vast range, encompassing analysis, algebra, number theory, topology, differential geometry, spacetime theory, quantum mechanics, and the foundations of mathematics” (Stanford).

Note that we separately offer Weyl’s The Mathematical Way of Thinking and his 1923 paper Zur Allegemeinen Relativatstheorie. As well, we offer Einstein’s review of Weyl’s seminal Raum-Zeit-Materie. Item #1494

CONDITION & DETAILS: Leipzig: Barth. Ex-libris with the usual markings (22 x 14 cm). [viii], 626, [8 original wraps], 6. Tightly and solidly bound in red cloth, gilt-lettered at the spine; ghosting at the spine from the removal of a label. Marbled text-block. Clean and bright throughout.

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