Item #1607 Steps Toward Artificial Intelligence in Proceedings of the IRE, Vol. 49, No. 1, 1961, pp. 8 to 30. Marvin Minsky.

Steps Toward Artificial Intelligence in Proceedings of the IRE, Vol. 49, No. 1, 1961, pp. 8 to 30

New York: Institute of Radio Engineers, 1961. 1st Edition. FIRST EDITION IN ORIGINAL PRINTED WRAPPERS OF MINSKY’S “SEMINAL” WORK ON ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (MIT Biography). In this paper, Minsky outlines the basic features of AI programs that today still form the basis of artificial solving, including searching and pattern-recognition techniques. This work established symbol manipulation – divided into heuristic search, pattern recognition, learning, planning, and induction – to be at the center of any attempt at understanding intelligence (A.C.M. Statement of Minsky’s achievements).

Marvin Minsky was a pioneer of robotics and tele-presence who designed and built some of the first visual scanners, mechanical hands with tactile sensors, one of the first LOGO ‘turtles’, and their software and hardware interfaces – works that influenced many subsequent robotic projects.

This 1961 work by Minsky surveyed and analyzed what had been done before and outlined many major problems that the infant discipline of artificial intelligence would later need to face. This paper “reveals a remarkable catalogue of techniques that had been developed in less than a decade’s worth of research, [including] “basic forms of search, evaluation, and learning, but also the beginnings of a model of intelligence and a way that programs could begin to ‘understand’ their own behavior. Minsky ended the paper with a look toward a future where time-sharing and multiprocessing programs would provide easier access to a growing amount of computing power” (Henderson, Artificial Intelligence, 63). Item #1607

CONDITION AND DETAILS: New York: Institute of Radio Engineers. 4to. Original printed wrappers with scuffs and edge wear; short closed tears at spine tips and on the contents page. Library stamp on front cover and contents page; no other library markings. Very good.

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