The Theory of Crystal Rectifiers in Proceedings of the Royal Society of London A 171, 1939, pp. 27-28

London: Royal Society, 1939. 1st Edition. Bound, ex-libris copy of the FIRST EDITION of Nevill Mott’s theory of rectification by metal-semiconductor junctions. “In solid-state physics, a metal-semiconductor junction is a type of junction in which a metal comes in close contact with a semiconductor material. It is the oldest practical semiconductor device.

"The first theory that predicted the correct direction of rectification of the metal semiconductor junction was given by Mott in 1939 [in this work]. He found the solution for both the diffusion and drift currents of the majority carriers through the semiconductor surface space charge layer” (Wikipedia). Mott also worked on nuclear and collision theory and developed a theory of transition metals. Mott was awarded the 1977 Nobel Prize for “fundamental theoretical investigations of the electronic structure of magnetic and disordered systems” (Nobel Prize Committee). Item #594

CONDITION & DETAILS: London: The Royal Society. Complete volume. 4to. 9.75 by 7 inches (213 x 138mm). [4], 581, [5]. Bound in reddish tan buckram; only ex-libris sign is the removal of a plate on the rear blank flyleaf. The volume is illustrated throughout with in-text figures and 12 plates. Tightly bound and clean and bright throughout.

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