Mass Degeneracy of the Heavy Mesons in Physical Review 102 No. 1, April 1956, pp. 290-291. T. D. Lee, Chen ning Yang, Tsung-Dao.

Mass Degeneracy of the Heavy Mesons in Physical Review 102 No. 1, April 1956, pp. 290-291

Lancaster: The American Physical Society, 1956. 1st Edition. FIRST EDITION IN ORIGINAL WRAPS in which Lee and Yang explain the decay of two K mesons ( + and +) and in doing so discovered that they were identical with the exception of parity (mirror symmetry). Lee and Yang concurrently presented this work at the Sixth Annual Rochester Conference on High Energy Physics, also in April 1956.

Prior to publication, experimental information had been accumulating and “there [was] growing evidence of the approximate identity of masses, excitation functions, [and] apparent lifetimes… On the other hand, there [was] also growing evidence of the nonidentity of spin-parity properties of the two particles. In regard to the approximate identity of the apparent lifetimes and excitation functions, a suggestion has been made in a recent publication that a genetic relationship between the two particles may lead to such phenomena” (Lee and Yang, April 1956, 290). Working at Brookhaven, Lee and Yang sought to address the “problem of the identity of the masses” (ibid).

“Although Lee and Yang found a way to explain the anomaly of identical particles with opposite parity, it raised the question as to whether the weak interaction that governs the decay of strange mesons actually does preserve parity. This led to their Nobel work on the failure of parity in the weak interaction” (History of Physics: The Wenner Collection).

The Nobel Prize in Physics 1957 was awarded jointly to Lee and Yang"for their penetrating investigation of the so-called parity laws which has led to important discoveries regarding the elementary particles" (Nobel Prize Committee). Item #683

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